Red Vein Removal

Thermocoagulation is a process that reduces the appearance of facial thread veins, blemishes, rosacea (general redness of the skin) by using heat in the problem vessels, causing the vein wall to break down.

What can thermocoagulation do for you

Many men and women develop thread veins (sometimes called red spider or broken veins). They can appear on any part of the body, including on the face, where they are commonly found on the nose and cheeks. Although harmless they can be the cause of self-consciousness and embarrassment.

Your individual suitability for thermocoagulation will be discussed during your initial consultation with practitioner Gina Ballerini. During your consultation Gina will examine your veins to determine if they would benefit from the treatment and how many sessions you will require.

After undergoing thermocoagulation, thread veins will appear fainter or in some cases, disappear. The results are generally permanent, though thermo-coagulation will not stop new veins from appearing.

A session usually lasts around 15 minutes. Most favourable results occur around after 3 treatments on mild thread veins in the facial area. For rosacea, 6 treatments should result in a dramatic difference. The actual number of treatments needed will always vary from individual to individual. Following the treatment the area that has received treatment will look pink. However, it is safe to apply makeup to the area to disguise. Pinkness will diminish over the following 2 days. Follow on sessions are between 4-8 weeks. If thermocoagualtion is something that you are considering, you can discuss all of the issues mentioned here in greater depth during a consultation with our experienced practitioner.

This technique safely reduces the appearance of thread veins and blemishes from the face. No fee for consultation.

Price: From £120